Taiwan Butyl is noted for its superb quality products. Unlike other sports ball manufacturers, we completely focus on ball bladder production. Each and every bladder is carefully inspected by our QC team to make sure the weight, roundness, and air retention will meet our high standards.

The entire process from importing the raw materials, producing the bladders, to exporting are all carefully supervised and controlled by the management. Hence, the quality of our ball bladders is superb & stable. Many name brand companies from all over the world choose to use our ball bladders.

We currently have 3 main categories of products: butyl bladders, rubber bladders & valves. All our products can be designed specifically according to the different needs of our customers. Butyl bladders are for better “air-retention.” Rubber bladders are for better “rebound.” And our valves are for improving the performance of your own production of latex or rubber bladders.

Since Taiwan Butyl specializes in manufacturing only ball bladders, we are superior in the areas of production skill and quality improvements than our competitors. Only when each ball bladder passes our 24-hour air-leakage test will they be packed and exported to our customers. The defective rate of our bladders is under 0.5%, which falls within the acceptable range of all our customers. Every bladder is also scanned by metal detector to make sure that all bladders contain absolutely no metal materials inside.

Using our quality bladders guarantees our customers’ sports balls are of only the most superb quality. Superior quality is one of the most critical factors in our company’s continuing growth. It is also very important for us to stress that all our bladders have passed the non-toxic test conducted by SGS Taiwan, an independent testing lab. We update our test report every year to make sure our products always meet name brand standards.